MLS Fantasy

MLS Fantasy 2016 Preview

MLS Fantasy is now in full swing and people are chopping and changing their line-ups as they see fit. This can be put down to the changes that the team behind MLS Fantasy implemented over the off-season, for us MLS Fantasy managers to get our head’s around. Let’s go over some of these shall we.


Budget and Roster size:


The budget and roster size for this season has been decreased, the budget cap went down from $120 million to $100 million to align itself to the Fantasy game in the Premier League. Also the roster size decreased by one slot, but what does this mean for Fantasy manager’s.

It means that we have to be more cautious where we allow the big dollars to go in our MLS Fantasy teams. Last season with an bigger budget and roster size, we felt that we could have up to 7 big name players in our sides and it meant that coming to the end of the season, many of us had, what is known as the template team. We would have the likes of Piatti, Valeri, Giovinco, BWP, Villa in our sides and we would be getting the same or similar points to each other.

That was great, but it made the game kind of stale.

Unlimited Transfers:


Hello, to the unlimited transfers per each round of MLS Fantasy this season. Unlike last season, you did not have this, you had to plan towards an upcoming Bye week or Double Game week. This season, MLS Fantasy officials have taken that away from you and we have to say that we are fans of the Unlimited transfers this season.

We will be using this option when the Bye weeks and Double Game weeks come up, but we will still be planning towards the Bye weeks and Double Game weeks. We feel that this is a great aspect to the MLS Fantasy game this season, especially if you are a casual and don’t have the time to be analysing the fixtures and doing up spreadsheets to plan towards 5-6 weeks ahead for a Bye or Double Game week.

Opening Weekend Challenge


The MLS Fantasy season gets rolling a little differently this year. We’re calling it the Opening Weekend Challenge, and the top score from the first weekend will win an MLS starter pack, including a $200 gift card, two tickets to an MLS regular-season match and an MLS LIVE subscription.

After the Opening Weekend Challenge, all scores will zero out from the first weekend – even in head-to-head leagues. That means everyone will start fresh in Round 2 as the chase for the grand prizes begins in earnest. Think of it as a round to hone your skills and get familiar with the new rules – with a sweet prize on the line!



Speaking of prizes, we think you’ll like what you’re playing for in 2017. We’re giving away VIP trips to the league’s showcase events!

  • VIP Trip to the MLS All-Star Game for the mid-season champion (through Round 17)
  • VIP Trip to MLS Cup for the overall winner

Those who finish 2nd through 10th in the overall league will be rewarded as well – prizes range from $1,000 for second place to $200 each for places 5-10.

In addition, we’re offering $250 gift cards for each of the 23 Supporters League winners – all 22 teams competing in 2017, plus LAFC – as well as any private leagues that have 750 members.

For a full list of prizes as well as our Terms and Conditions, visit the MLS Fantasy Prizes page.


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